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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> tampa is preparing for an invasion. by land, by sea and by el nino. >> you know, the one thing we done con roll, even though we like to think we can is the weather. >> el nino power storms have brought tornadoes and destruction, on the mines those responsible for constructing gas pairial la. >> all of the schedules are being tweaked and moved up so we can get as much work done. >> storms are expected to blow in tomorrow before the parade on saturday. next weekend another chance at gasparilla are beets. which is why extra precautions facilities. smaller tents are being set up, gas pairial la might not set sail saturday because of the went.
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precautions in case mother nature sends a blast unexpectedly. it doesn't appear el nino will rain on gasparilla's parade. in tampa johnathan 10 news wtsp. >> that is good news. yes, we do have storms that we are tracking, it won't so much be the storms but what is behind it that still could be an issue for the childrens parade. let's talk about if you just got home, this is the mid atlantic blizzard in the making, it is also our friday storms, in fact severe weather is still a possibility through the rest of of this evening with the bulls eye being louisiana, mississippi and southern alabama. for friday that shifts down and includes panel less county and hill borrow county -- hillborough county into the by area. but for saturday, it will be all about the wind. very pleased to hear that the organizer of the event are on
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sustained winds between 22-30 miles per hour from the west thigh the duration on saturday. so again it won't be the rain gear you need, it will be how do we hold things down and keep things from blowing away safely. 35 miles and hour through the middle of downtown, we will track storms tomorrow, we'll talk about the severe weather threat for friday coming up after the rest of your top stories. get the weather information you need, when you need it with our free app. search and download 10 news -- wtsp and get storm tracker 10 in your hands. 9 mondays after a 9-year- old died, new warnings about riptides are finally coming to panel less county beaches. cameron died after a rip current took him under much that news reporter shows you what is now being done to keep
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>> just feet from where 9-year- old cameron lost his life, a sign warning about rip currents will be placed here, but some wonder if that will be enough. joe says he is shocked that when he looks up and down st. pete beach there is not one life guard or one sign warning about any fingers lurking in the water. >> a sign should be up rather weather forecast and see what is happening at the beach, we signs up every day. >> there was certainly a danger back in october when cameron was pulled under by a rip current. >> this one really struck home. >> that is why county commissioner ken welch are working on a plan to keep tragedies from happening again. >> you would think that in ankle deep water you are okay. >> 78 signs like this explaining the dangers of riptides will be placed all around panel less county. cameron pastor says this is
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>> i think it's very important this time something i think having signs explaining that there arish drews here -- issues here. >> there should be something more. >> should be more life guards. >> commissioner welch says that is something they are looking into it. >> parks department is taking a look at this. they talked about additional lifeguards as well as part of this program. so, you know, just about a raising the awareness. >> general you i remember titus 10 news wtsp. to escape from a rip current, don't panic and don't fight it, let the current carry you and swim to shore. and if you do need help call or wave for assistance. demonstration of of how to get out of of a rip current, head to the story on our website. st. pete's city council is considering a contract that
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front, contract valued at more than $300,000. the pier contractors would start designing and engineering the structure. the contractor will hold meetings to get your take on what you want to see. it's all part of of a $66 million project to create a pier district -- to create a pier district. good news for the university of south florida students, going to be the first time publix is built on a campus, student housing village much the grocer is taking care of construction costs and leasing the space from usf, the store will take about two years to build. this morning university of south florida researchers presented their final report on the dose injury school for boys to governor rick scott, dug of 55 graves in an effort to locate childrens remains and find out how they died, the former reform school opened in 1900 and closed in 20111,
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abuse, researchers used dna testing to positively identify seven of those remains, 14 were identified through pictures and records. hillborough county is changing the way it enforces its lobbies rules exposing previous failures, county commissioners decided today to expand the definition of a lobbyist as well as county's registry, goal is to avoid allegations of behind the scenes deal cutting, 10 investigates prompted the conversation with a report on controversial consulting. the sheriffs office and state ethics commission are still investigating our findings. taking a look, a new police chief for polk county lake hamilton, partners at the ledger reports michael key will take the top spot. the current police chief retires after the state attorney's office says the
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abuse, assaults, and suicide. a dangerous night in the sarasota county sheriffs copter. they say red and green lasers were she inning into the cockpit over night, the brothers are charged with misuse of lasers. paved park something coming to downtown, after years of parking compliments by business radar necessary owners. -- business owners. compensation money from the 2010 bp oil spill on that project. some customers are protesting the change. around the state tonight just days into the florida python hunt, officials say 17 burmese pythons have been captured in the wet lands including the one you see right
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actually hold up. florida fish and wildlife officials say this python was nearly 17 feet long much this is the second year the state has allowed hundreders to track down and hundred the creature. sarasota keys public piano project, four pianos were placed in front of businesses for people to walk up and play. you may remember this project from last year when a sarasota homeless man made international headlines for his musical talent, this year, local artists give the artists gave paint. the theme park gave 10 news a look at this year's food and lawn festival concert lineup. leonard skin nard, kenny rogers, third eyed blond and acts that could make headlines. the concerts will be on the
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see the full list of who's performing right now at if you or someone you know is looking for love, you are going to stay with us. online date apparently ends in assault. it seems more and more people are trying to find love online, but by area man was attacked when he went on this first date, there are things people can do when going out on their first date to stay safe. if you can't make it to the big game on february 7th, you are in luck, hooters and 10 news have teamed up for your chance for a watch party at >> what a party. >> make it happen. >> all you have to do is watch 10 news at 5:30 in the evening for a secret word of the day,
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big night tonight on cbs 10 news at 8:00. big binge theory. mom at 9:00. and then the angel from hell at 9:30. 10:00 simply elementary. then join us at 10 news at 11:00. stay up for the late night steven colbert. >> is he my brother from another mother. >> christian later and josh. if you are into online
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deputies say as man was set up. >> news news room has advice from experts to keep online kiters safe. when looking online for love, most people don't certainly think it's dangerous, but it certainly was for a young lakeland man, detectives in polk county say he when to this website, plenty of >> she recognized by the deputies as being a problem child in the neighborhood. >> the sheriff says a couple agreed to meet at this mcdonald where tiara asked the victim to drop off her so called brother, christopher charles williams, when they stopped, deputies say the duo turned on the man, attacking him on, robbing him and taking his car. badly browsed and cut the victim had to go to the hospital. >> what you think you are getting may not be what you are getting at all.
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of online dating because his department has investigated this very website for prostitution, he says it's common for illegal activity to happen right inside legitimate dating reb sites. >> the first time you meet with somebody you need to meet with him at a public restaurant where there is a lot of people around. >> the sheriff says, be very careful about not leaving with someone you first met until you know them better. >> i can't begin to tell you the risk that this young man took. by getting in the car with two people he did not even know. >> in lakeland marcus grayson 10 news wtsp. >> if you are meeting someone, meet at a public place. don't leave with someone until you feel comfortable.
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else's car the first time you meet. if we could battle up today's weather. >> not bad. >> oh, -- >> i might be crying a little bit. look at this sunset, it's that good. >> you scared me. >> take a look -- >> i thought i was going to have to give you resuscitation. >> i appreciate you being that team player. if do you within to take pictures and share them, give me two minutes, but friend, oh, my goodness, this one looks like a student never in the making. that is phenomenal stuff and why you live in florida when you talk about a blizzard develop up in the northeast. it is a player in your forecast for storms friday. and this system is just winding up. it will start mid day friday up in the northeast. south end of this does have tornado watches up in louisiana and also in mississippi much and here is how it tracks. i want to show you the winner side of this and slow done and
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overnight hours, you can see the bulls eye is a lot of virginia, east and west virginia, and also around dc over into maryland, not so much the peninsula, but more on that western side of maryland. possibly new jersey as well before this all wrapped up late saturday night and into sunday morning. now the types of snow fall totals we're talking again that bulls eye likely between dc and franklin, west virginia, we could be talking a couple feet of snow, where that lowest snow tracks. they are definitely getting ready up in the mid atlantic. but for us, we want to watch the south end of this as likely severe weather, a bigger threat north of the by area. those are active tornado warnings that are go on going north around baton rouge, mississippi, south of jackson
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we are going to be extending this enhanced risk for severe weather and slight risk for severe weather into friday. but it's just slight risk as we get in. however, parts of the by area included, panel less county, northwestern hillborough county and citrus, pasco county, more on that in a moment. it's worth a second look. i had to put it in there twice. that is one of those sunsets for you tonight in your plans, no problems at all, no winds, rain or any issues for anything you want to do this evening. tomorrow, you even have up until mid important to go get anything you want to get done issue. i'm looking for storms to start around 10:00 a.m. on the gulf coast and be done and wrapped up by about 1:00. may take to 2:00 for polk and highland counties, futurecast showing you through tomorrow morning, you are okay for the
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go with strong storms around 10:00-11:00. note, sarasota, manatee even though you are technically in the marginal risk given what we have gone through, i still want you closely watching this system add you know we'll be tracking it hour by hour, minute by minute tomorrow and if anything becomes severe we will be on tv and online talking about it as well. anything we do see as far as strong storms wrapped up by 1:00-2:00, the tornado threat is low but at this time of winner it won't take much for one cell to get stronger than others and send something up. .10-inch on the low end, 19 1 -- 1 high end. we will expect mainly from the west. so with that also a few brief
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temperatures in the 50s, saturday is going to be a raw day, friends. cooler sunday and monday morning in the low 40s. back in the 90s by tuesday before we are seeing another chance of rain and possibly storms midweek next week. okay this is something i think about 24-7. >> oo. >> yeah. sometimes it's a struggle to find restaurant the. we when to a food critic for
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hockey tonight, on a day we should be leading with the biggest game of the season, it's the dr. a surrounding 20- year-old johnathan, this kid is taking a betting. rightfully so, although his agent should take a lot of blame here. steveizeer man said he was never close to trading him, opinion. >> i think you if ask every single player in that locker room at some point they've been frustrated by their situation. there are a handful of of players that haven't gone through something and had to persevere, frustrated, want more ice time, want this or want that and they stick with it and play. yeah, enter. >> yzerma nsaid he is open for a reconciliation. there is that monster matchup from cup teams from
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again. ben bishop has been outstanding matched. >> beth teams hang in there with each other one was considerably better i think that is how you look at things, where was your compete level? how did everybody map up, if you walk out the -- mapup, if you walk out the door and say you are two evenly placed teams. >> it is going to be a fun game i am sure, it's a big challenge for us, but we're very excite ed about it. >> despite the blackhawks three stanley cups, still go hard every single game. reg. if you are looking for a good place to eat, our partners with tampa bay times are out with their top 50 restaurants of tampa, they've done it differently this year, they've broken up the list by cuisine
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american casual, asian fusion or italian restaurant. >> no and, i need all of it. >> it is a list of the top 5 is rated by the food critics but you can find whipping restaurants all across the tampa area, we posted a link of full restaurants, right there on our website >> you didn't want to eat brains? >> not after the grasshoppers yesterday. >> oh, that was priceless. that is it for 10 news at 6:00, go have some dinner,
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